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On The Road With Kodai Cheese: You'd Feta Believe It

When the course was set to Kodaikanal-Bangalore-Pune-Mumbai-Pune-Bangalore-Bathlagundu over just four days, I knew it wasn't to be a breezy Sunday drive, but immediately jumped at big cheese Hari Shanker's invitation to ride shotgun in the Isuzu during this very unique road trip into the heart of the country. So pop a nice bottle of red to go with those gorgeous veins of Kodai Blue, and click through the numerically ordered pictures to join us on the Great Kodai Cheese Run. Read More...

How Ethical is Kodai Cheese ?

The Manis and their Cheese Factory - The Hindu

The intention was to get chatty about cheese. But the conversation veered off to reveal how Kodaikanal’s best known family for producing cheese Read More

kodai cambrie n wine standard for good times.

5, March 2013
Benefits Of Kodai Cheese - Published in BBC - Good Food Magachine