About Us
          Kodai Cheese began its tryst with cheesemaking all those years ago in 1972 in a small factory in Kodaikanal, founded two generations ago by Sri Shanker. As a fully-independent, family-owned firm we haven't looked back ever since, moving operations to an organic farm near the foothills, just outside the town of Bathlagundu, Tamil Nadu. Operations have been streamlined over the past several years to remain truly Quality Concentric and support our dedication to furthering of the exclusive Kodai Cheese brand. It has been a journey like few other, and our vast experience with these unique products has seen the company gain a solid reputation across both its national and international clientele.

Product Benefits

          Maybe you're wondering how cheese can be beneficial when you hear about how fattening this food is? Ah, but let's not forget that fat is an essential part of a healthy diet. Kodai Cheese is a producer of not just delicious dairy products, but manufacturing is carried out with an integral belief in the wellness of the customer. We pride ourselves in providing the best quality and nutrition with every variant of our cheese, accomplished by selecting only the best quality milk to produce value-added cheese. Each variety of cheese is created specifically to contribute to a balanced diet and to bring a host of health benefits to your plate. This is carried out through unique techniques that do not destroy nutrition and food value but preserve natural goodness.

          At the end of the day, we realize it comes down to personal choice. While you can choose a more fatty cheese like Kodai Cheddar, there are also lean varieties to enjoy like Kodai Ricotta. The differences lie in salt content, cooking temperature, maturity, additives, and bacteria used. Depending on these factors, the health benefits might vary to a limited extent. Cheese is essentially coagulated milk and it's no secret obviously that milk is highly beneficial at any age, especially given how we tend to lose the daily consumption habit with age.