Kodai Parmesan
Kodai Blue
Kodai Mozarella
Kodai Cambrie

          Kodai Parmesan is made from fresh pasteurized cow milk and is typified by a sharp, nutty, and slightly salty flavour. A long aging period means the protein gets broken down into peptones, peptides and free amino acids. As a result, the 33% protein content in Kodai Parmesan compares to a 20% protein content in lean beef, but takes just 45 minutes to digest. And while you may think that Parmesan has a high fat content, much of the fat is in the form of short fatty acids that are absorbed quickly and supply energy very quickly into the body. Cholesterol content stands between 80-85mg/100g, making it much lower than other full fat cheeses.

          Kodai Blue is a white cheese variety that gets its name from the shades of blue that are acquired during the aging process. It is characterized by a strong flavour as is commonly paired with wines, used as dressings and toppings on burgers and salads. As a blue cheese, Kodai Blue contains penicillium roqueforti, the mold used for the blue veins. It is an excellent source of protein with around 6g per serving and goes great with Aged White Burgundy or Bordeaux, white Rhone blends, and plenty more. Camembert is also a winning combination with apples, pears, nuts, almonds, chestnuts. Benefits include being one of the best foods for the heart with anti-inflammatory and anti-cellulite properties.

          Mozarella is one of the most sought after dairy products for its great taste and texture, especially by those who dig melting cheese on their food. While some may perceive this cheese to be unhealthy, there are plenty of benefits of Kodai Mozarella including being a source of Biotin or vitamin B7, Riboflavin or vitamin B2, and Niacin or vitamin B3 that have nutritional, antioxidant, and cholesterol controlling advantages. It also contains Fat Soluble Vitamins like D, E and A that aid calcium absorption, bone health, and cell membrane protection. A high calcium content (183mg per ounce) translates into stronger bones while mozarella is replete with the vital mineral zinc that helps battle skin problems and increases white blood cell count. Kodai Mozarella is also a source of protein and the key mineral potassium that boost muscle strength and lower blood pressure respectively.

          A cheese that is not meant to be eaten cold, Kodai Cambrie comes to life after around thirty minutes of sitting outside. Cambrie is a great accompaniment with all kinds of breads, fruit, and nuts. This variety goes great with salads too, so add a dose of Cambrie for 100 calories and 6 grams of protein nutrition.